Holy Calamity Studios

Arts and Cat Farts

Up today in the Store are these high quality Cat patches, black acrylic ink screen printed on pink canvas fabric, each patch measures about 3.5” x 4.5” . Choose from Queen, Girl Boss, Not yours and I’m Cute  $4 each or all four for $15. Have at em.

The Viva Von Heigh Ho Volume One zine. 60 Pages, 3 authors delivering 3 different stories based on 1 Idea involving a bizarre Hotel, it’s employees, all the time and space contained therein and anyone who stays there. Purchase this rambling tome of awesome HERE 

Featuring original work by Luke Benjamen Kuhns, Amanda Wessels and some guy named Dan. For fans of Neil Gaiman, the Rat-trilogy era Murakami or just like their fiction books with some fantasy. Give it a whirl.

Labor Day Liquidation. 8 buck T Shirts while supplies last. Be a cool kid.


Patches 3 bucks each. Ufo Here and Cat Balloon Here

Woohoos not go enyoy your pagan bovine bbq nonsense. Yum.

The new model dead horsing around

Here’s a recap of the output.
gbgposs2intstacheskullintwcdoodle165intwolfghost130intVoidSo Guess which side of the undynamic duo has (jobless) free time and who’s keeping it responsible and fiscally afloat real.

Here’s the artwork Dan done did for our Amigos in Oh The Humanity! .


This artwork hopefully might grace thier cd’s. It depends on the surprising number of miscommunications with people in California these last few weeks. Sadfaces all around. In the meantime all hail the spirit animal of bad ideas:
BadIdeas143intGive us your money!

Cleaning this week resulted in two older pics we’d forgotten and one variant from last years Koi stencil run. All three are for sale in the store as of today. You know your life has been missing something. Your quest for the missing piece ends today once you accept that what you need is a picture of an ass farting rainbows. Purchase it and become the one true king of an AU New jersey that smells like cupcakes. That or use it as a model to airbrush on the side of your van. Or buy something else.  STORE

Two bona fide original artworks plus the old classic in prints, up in the store now HERE